Writing A CV for A Job Overseas

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Job application as a fresh graduate in your country is a tough task, not to mention for an overseas job. However, knowing what a CV should have, its looks, and how to present yourself can get you any position you desire. When applying for a job abroad, you need to know what the standards are for writing a resume.

Some countries may require a portrait photo, specific language efficiency, education level, while others may not ask for the same. There are things you need to learn before you start drafting your CV, and here are some of them.

  • Market Yourself Globally

If you desire to work in a foreign country, your CV should have international standards. The CV should include your contact and address details. Your educational background from secondary to tertiary levels. State your achievements at work and in projects you took part in and succeeded. Your native language and any other language you speak should also appear.

  • Understand The Job Description

Sometimes a job title may appear to you as a suitable one for you to apply. However, you need to understand all the requirements indicated in the job description. You need to know the pay and if it can sustain your basic needs and other expenses.

Sometimes, your desired countries may have two national languages, and you may not be well conversant with one. The job posted may be of interest to you, but you may not understand all the details correctly. You can have a translator explain to you the details.

Traditional translators are, however, not reliable as they may translate something not right. You can get the services from the best translation companies to see if you stand a chance for that job. It would help if you went through the reviews of companies before asking for their services.

A good translation company will have a professional website. The content on the website should be error-free. Research on the web about its reputation and also the standard price for translation services.

  • Choose One Country

Trying to look for a job in a country abroad is hard enough; you, therefore, need to narrow down your search. Considering too many countries may make you lose focus. An important thing to do is to settle for one country first.

You need to have a list of countries you love to work and live in. Then get three or two and look for their details online, such as visa applications, jobs available, and culture. You can then settle for one that is more appealing to you and start the application process.

  • Make Your Resume Presentable

Your resume is your representative you need to ensure it does a good job. The person reading it does not know you, but they can, through reading your CV. Therefore, make it appealing with the right resume font. Be honest and straight to the point.

Remember, you are competing with other applicants to ensure you give the recruiter an excellent reason to hire you. When writing your goals, summarize it to short sentences.

The length of your CV also matters. Some countries such as the US require only a page, while others demand 2-4 pages.

  • Photo

Whether a resume requires a photo or not depends on the country in which you are applying for a job. For instance, in the UK and the USA, the law does not allow photos in CVs as it may lead to someone missing a job due to their appearance. On the other hand, countries in Asia or Europe do require a photo in your resume.


When it comes to applying for a job in a foreign country, you need to have one country in mind. Then the content, format, and structure of your CV should be of international standards. Make your CV easy to read, concisely present your skills, and let it meet the qualities the recruiter is looking for.