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JFActivist will strive to be a cross-disability, cross-country town hall meets water cooler, where grassroots advocates can come to engage in discussions, exchange ideas, share in victories, get mad then motivated by defeats, and take action! JFActivist readers are encouraged to post their reactions to blog posts, and join the discussion!

AAPD desires to promote dialogue within the disability community and to make JFActivist a lively, diverse online community. AAPD, JFA, and JFActivist are non-partisan. Information posted and comments left on JFActivist are not necessarily indicative of the views of AAPD.

Guidelines for Posting Comments

Posting a Comment

Readers who would like to post a comment to a blog post may do so by clicking the “Comments” link underneath the post. After clicking this link, the reader will be prompted to enter his or her name, email address, web address (if applicable), and comments. Once these fields are completed, the reader may press either “Preview” to view comments before posting, or “Post” to post his or her comment immediately.

Email Address Required But Not Displayed

Readers will be required to input a working email address when entering their comments, but the email address will not be displayed on the blog. Email addresses are required to limit comment spam.

Comment Removal

Indecent, obsecene, or profane language

AAPD does not condone indecent, obscene, or profane language in comment postings. The Moderator will monitor and attempt to quickly remove any inappropriate content posted in comments as soon as she becomes aware of it.

Comments which include indecent, obscene, or profane language will be removed by the Moderator at her discretion and without prior notification. If an individual commenter presents a pattern of indecent or abusive language in his or her posts, he or she will receive a warning from the Moderator. If the commenter continues to persist in posting inappropriate comments, the Moderator will ban the commenter from leaving future comments on the site.

Personal and commercial promotion

JFActivist is intended to be an enhancing, interactive supplement to the JFA email listserv that encourages conversation from and with grassroots advocates. JFActivist should not be used as a forum for promoting personal or commercial interests. The Moderator may, at her discretion, choose to remove such postings without advance notice.