Justice For All

Justice For All (JFA) exists to defend and advance disability rights and is central to AAPD’s mission of economic self-sufficiency and political empowerment of all adults and children with disabilities in the United States. In pursuit of these aims, JFA both shares information and issues high priority calls to action to individual advocates as well as organization run by and for people with disabilities. JFA also supports the principle that people with disabilities and disability issues should be fully-integrated into all national political and policy discussions and decision-making. To this end, JFA also disseminates information about broader domestic policy and political debates that can and often do shape disability-specific priorities.

Established in 1995 to defend and protect disability rights and disability programs specific to the 104th Congress, JFA has since grown to become a highly–respected and relied-upon source of national disability news and action alerts.

Meet the Moderator

Sarah Peterson, AAPD Organizer