International human resource management

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International Human Resource Management (IRHM) is a global level management of workforce in while systems and policies that maximize the performance of employees. The essay goal of the human resource writing is to avoid workforce surpluses or shortages (Sparrow, 2016). This paper takes a look into the roles of an international resource management in the execution of business strategies globally. Further, the paper examines how the IHRM can be applied to enhance the performance of an organization.

Roles of IHRM

            Recruitmentone function of an IHRM is to attract, hire and maintain a skilled workforce. In the recruitment role, the Human Resource (HR) develops job descriptions, determine compensation offers, and interview potential employees. Through effective recruitment strategy, an organization acquires and maintains highly skilled employees who will in turn help the organization in increasing its profitability and operational efficiency (Collings, 2012).

Professional development– another vital role for the HR is to ensure the employees of a given organization gaining experience and exposure. Thus, the HR can sponsor the employees to attend seminars and conferences to get more experience outside organization. Through employees’ skills development, the organization benefits as the employees will have a broader scope of experience when dealing with issues in the company which may lead to high productivity (De Lacy, 2013).

Ensuring compliance with legislation and policies– the HR needs a clear understanding of state laws and federal legislation that guides employment. Various laws and legislations exist to guide employee issues such as tax allowances, minimum wages amount, working hour’s employees, among others. When an organization adheres to the legal requirements, it will avoid legal suits and losses arising from noncompliance. Breaking certain laws may result to the organization losing huge sums of money, wastage of time, loss of public trust and risk of closure. Thus, it is the role of the HR to ensure the company is compliant with legislation and policies (Collings, 2012).

Application of IHRM practices in enhancing organizational performance

According to Armstrong & Taylor (2014), the Human resource management can use the identified practice in several ways to enable high performance a given organization. For instance, recruiting employees for the entity, the HR should always ensure they hire the most senior competent employees with vast experience to provide quality services for the organization. Secondly, the HR should often encourage and maintain a skilled workforce to ensure the company does not suffer a shortage of human resources. Besides, the HR should always ensure that the given organization complies with policies and legislation to avoid unnecessary fines that lead to losses in the company.

Impact of identified IHRM practices on overseas organization

Recognized practices of IHRM in a foreign organization, plays a significant role in the performance of the organization. Compliance with the practices identified for IHRM will always result in the positive performance of an organization. Failure to follow what the practices require of the HR, may lead to losses, shortage of human resources for the organization and besides, shorten the lifespan of the organization as there will be a likelihood of dissolving the business in case of uncontrolled losses (Ariss, 2016).


IHRM is the management of labor in an organizational t an international level. The HR in a global company has several roles in the company such as professional development, ensuring legal compliance, and recruiting employees. The HR practices in a firm determine the lifespan of the business and also the performance of the business.